David Jenkins & Associates — New Training Courses

NZQA update

We are in the process of becoming accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, giving your business another training option to choose from with David Jenkins & Associates.

New Training

Team Leaders


This practical, hands-on programme provides a three-stage series of one-day courses that will build the skills to make an effective team leader for your business.

Stage 1 provides a new team leader with the essential skills that all team leaders need (Planning, Organising, Decision-Making, Managing Time).

Stage 2 provides the team leader with an intermediate range of skills (Leading and Motivating, Delegation, Managing Conflict, Coaching, Team Meeting Skills).

Stage 3 provides advanced skills (Managing change, Improving Performance, Managing the Disciplinary Process).

Essential Training

Developing an Effective Workplace Induction Programme is what we consider an essential course because it is one of the most important times for ensuring that a new employee gets a sound understanding of their part in the success of your business.

This highly practical course will mean the participant will leave with a workbook and templates that will quickly allow them to develop an effective induction programme. For more information please email info@dja.co.nz.

“The organisations that excel will be those that discover how to tap their people’s commitment and capacity to learn at every level in the company.”

– Senge