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Want to give your new staff the best start?

Let DJA create an eLearning Induction module

Induction is the first formal training a new employee receives in any organisation but it is not done well in New Zealand. DJA have been designing induction programmes for businesses for over 20 years and can adapt that experience in creating an eLearning induction module that will fit your business.

Basic Induction eLearning module - Special (for $2995 + GST)

What our basic induction package can include:

  • Basic Health and Safety requirements for your workplace
  • Mission, goals or values for your organisation
  • Company overview: structure, location and its people
  • Initial policy and procedures that need to be covered on the first day
  • House rules – general and serious misconduct
  • Employee assistance/benefit

We will provide you with a range of induction templates; you provide the content (documents, photos, media or audio clips).

We will also include a module assessment for FREE that can to use to create a training record that the employee went through induction and completed and assessment on its content.

Additional items can be included.

For more details of what is included in this special contact: info@dja.co.nz

What DJA can do:

  • We will provide a FREE initial consultation to assess if a webinar will work for what you want to do.
  • We can help create any of the learning materials that will be used in the webinar (session guide, handouts, PowerPoint's, whiteboard plan etc.).
  • We can run the session for you or train you in the use the webinar desktop environment.
  • We can setup and manage the webinar event for you, booking the webinar, sending invites etc.

For more information webinars and on what DJA can do for you contact: info@dja.co.nz

eLearning Solutions

  • If you want a cost effective eLearning solution we can do it!
  • DJA offers years of experience in developing and creating rapid to robust eLearning solutions

So what is eLearning?

E-Learning means "electronic learning" and it involves the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. e-Learning can include "online learning," "Web-based training," and "computer-based training."

Differences between rapid and robust E-Learning development

The following graphic illustrates the differences between rapid and robust E-Learning development, we have broken it down into four areas:

  • Process & Goal: "information vs. instruction" (broadcast, transfer, develop & certify)
  • Content: "scope & depth" (awareness, understanding, use & mastery)
  • Learning Tasks: "simple vs. complex" (degree of required practice & interaction)
  • Development Time: "rapid vs. robust" (amount of time / effort required for product development).

What DJA will do:

  • We will provide a free initial consultation to identify what eLearning solution will fit your business at a budget that suits.
  • We provide you with a range of templates so courses can be designed quickly and without additional cost to you.
  • We can convert your existing documentation (PowerPoint, Word, PDF etc.) to be included into any course material required.
  • We can design a range of assessment activities (formative or summative) that makes learning fun and measurable to ensure learning outcomes are being met. This includes assessment against any NZQA unit standard.
  • We have graphic designers who can create the style to fit with your logo and brand.
  • We use adobe software for the development of eLearning courses which means you are not locked in to using a specialised software package that only one company can use or change.
  • eLearning courses can be configured to run internally (Intranet), on the web and be accessed from anywhere in the world. We can also arrange hosting it needed.
  • We can also provide a Learning Management System (LMS) that eLearning courses can be management through, including employee results etc.

For further information contact: david@dja.co.nz

We create webinars!

A webinar is an effective way to communicate and create a meaningful learning environment (if constructed and managed correctly). It allows you to create a learning environment online for employees that are geographical spread anywhere in the world when it is not cost effective to get everyone together or you need to update staff quickly on changes and new developments in your business.

Websites to look at for eLearning info:

Blended Learning

eLearning is not the sole way for employees to learn; eLearning is one method of many and fits with a blended learning approach.

Defining what blended learning is:

There is a wide range of definitions of what blended learning is here is the one we prefer:

Blended learning combines online with face-to-face learning. The goal of blended learning is to provide the most efficient and effective instruction experience for the learner and the business by combining delivery modalities.

To find out more on blended learning solutions contact: david@dja.co.nz